Doczzle  Features  MultiLingual  OCR

Powerful Search With Multilingual OCR

This feature of Doczzle enhances the search capabilities of a document management system. Its powerful search implies that the search functionality is robust and efficient. It can quickly and accurately locate specific documents or information within the document repository. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It's a technology ... Read More

Doczzle  Features  Automated  Retention

Approval Workflow and Automated Retention

"Approval Workflow" and "Automated Retention" are two essential features in document management systems, such as Doczzle Document Management ERP Software, that help streamline processes and ensure proper document governance. An approval workflow is a predefined sequence of steps that a document or task must go through to gain approval ... Read More

Doczzle Feature Document Notification

Document Numbering Notifications and Audit Trails

In a comprehensive document management system like Doczzle Document Management ERP Software, features such as "Document Numbering," "Notifications," and "Audit Trails" play vital roles in enhancing organization, communication, and accountability within the document workflow. Document numbering involves assigning unique identifiers to ... Read More

Doczzle Feature Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly DMS

A "Mobile-Friendly Document Management System" is a platform that's optimized for use on mobile devices, ensuring that users can effectively manage and access documents even while on the go. Responsive Design: The system's interface adapts to various screen sizes, ensuring readability and usability on smartphones and tablets. A dedicated ... Read More

Doczzle  Features  Document  Numbering  Audit

Abselutely Safe and Secure

The assurance of safety and security is essential when it comes to document management systems. If 're stating that "Doczzle is absolutely safe and secure," it implies that the platform is designed with robust measures to protect sensitive information and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of documents. Doczzle ... Read More

Doczzle  Features  Mobile  Friendly  DMS


Reminders in Doczzle Document Management ERP Software likely refers to a feature that allows users to receive notifications or alerts about specific tasks, events, or deadlines related to document management. Users can set reminders for themselves or others about tasks that need to be completed, events that are upcoming, or deadlines ... Read More